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    FIVE|| Most anticipated reads of 2019

    WHO else can tell that I’m having somewhat of a slow start to the year?! Well, don’t all rush to raise your hands. These things happen, and things are happening, that’s all that matters. There are three books on my hot list this year, and I stumbled across two others I’d love to read while at it. Let me know what’s on your watchlist as well? xoxo

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    What were you thinking? What the hell were you thinking? I ask myself this question, in different variations, numerous times throughout the day. I think we’ve already covered how ambitious I am when it comes to the amount of time I actually have to read a day. From an ambition scale zero to a hundred, I’m a thousand. Hence I come before you right now, tail between my legs, head hung low. I can’t even look you in the eye. It’s mid-year and I’m not even half way through my Goodreads reading challenge. WOW. At the start of the year I set the goal at 33. Yes, I. No one…

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    Ok so if you watched my entire TBR video you will have heard the secret in the middle. If not, don’t worry I got you (link below). I can’t pin point the exact year Harry Potter found me. I say found me because most great things are never true discoveries we make, they cross our paths by chance. They cross our paths, we don’t cross theirs. So whatever year it was, definitely in my 20s though (a suitable age for Young Adult Fantasy some may think, well this 30-something year old is still grinding with the YA…what? Ok ok, stop the nonsense), it was literally a book that changed my…

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    Finding the bookish community on Instagram, then YouTube and then some blogs was by far my greatest discovery last year. I know I know have I been living under a rock? Either way I’m so glad it happened. However as with most things new, especially communities, there are words that were used that I literally had to pull out my phone to Google as I had not heard them used in this context before. Here are some that will benefit any bookish newbies out there. Thank me later 😉 TBR This is a simple abbreviation for To Be Read. This usually refers to the pile of books you intend to…