I Guess It’s A Fresh Start

I cannot believe Vuvu Vena Reads has been around for 4 years. We’ve done a thing these past few years, and it’s truly been an unforgettable ride, and Oh the people we’ve met!

So I suppose, having to start over now, is truly something the stars set up. The alignment is undeniable and the peace is the go ahead we needed. We recently lost all the content on our site, nothing was recoverable. All those reviews and all those conversations from the past 4 years, lost and unretrievable.

It honestly made me think, is anything truly ever lost, or even really ever a loss? So, I decided to spin the head of what could have been a disaster that consumed me and figured, why not start afresh? So here we are, I hope you enjoy take 2.

I’m going to do a young catch up on the blog and hopefully, by the time I tell the Fam about it, it will be making sense.

So here we go! Again.