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    THE ACCIDENT|| Gail Schimmel

    Okay, so off the bat let me just say I had never heard of South African Author Gail Schimmel. I may seem like I’ve been living under a rock considering the pleasant surprise this first encounter was. But alas, here I are. The Accident follows the life of Julia, a woman raised by a broken mother, Catherine, following a fatal accident. Julia has sort of had to mother herself and navigate through life on wobbly terms as her deeply depressed mother has practically just washed her hands off all responsibility. Until. The Accident – Schimmel’s FOURTH novel – is a tale of second chances. In here is a lesson on…

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    This woman! Where do I start and how do I even start. I’ve read all her books (at least all those I know about) save for her collection of short stories called – The Thing Around Your Neck, which I do plan to getting around to by this year if you care to know. Also if you still care then I’m still very heartsore for missing her appearance at the Abantu Book Festival in Johannesburg last year. My heart is scraping the floor. But if you want to know why I love her so, watch the video below:

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    ON THE COME UP|| Angie Thomas

    Let me just start off by saying I STAN A QUEEN!! Good heavens, I’m not even sure when the last time I was so madly in love with someone I didn’t know was. Here’s the thing about Angie – (lol I can myself with the first names sometimes), her writing is relatable. Sometimes contemporary is pitched above our heads – but then there are times when true craftsmanship can make today’s ailments matter through literature. I do believe we’ve been blessed with such a talent in Angie. Did I mention how hard I Stan??!! Okay, okay. Into the book ALSO KNOWN AS my very first EVER ARC! I definitely did…

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    COLLECTION|| My Shakespeare Books

    Shall I compare thee … LOL! Why is this the one line that keeps coming up whenever I think of William. Oh yeah, we are on a first name basis like that! Haaaa!!! I wish. But honestly, Shakespeare I deem to be the father of literature. Yes, yes, he isn’t the only great wordsmith that ever lived, but his work did a lot man, while he was alive and even in death. For that alone I do think he deserves GOAT status! He is phenomenal! Be that as it may however … some of his work is really hard to get into. I will never forget my Grade 10 trauma…

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    OUR DARK DUET|| V.E. Schwab

    If you watched my IGTV Review you will know that I had a longing for a romance to be explored in this sequel … well, hopefully you’ve followed my Instagram Account to find my review of OUR Dark Duet. I have come to conclude that Schwab is a scene setter – she cannot help it, she MUST place you in a certain position before she can take you on the journey – and such is the case in this book as well. However, in hindsight I’ve found myself wondering if all that scene setting at the start served any purpose at all – no really. I want to say I…

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    CHALLENGE|| Harry Potter

    We’ve spoken about this you and I. It doesn’t stop being shameful though, but this is the year. At the end of 2019 I expect my head to no longer bow about this matter. I have OFFICIALLY challenged myself to get through this series this year. Here’s me trying to explain myself.

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    THIS SAVAGE SONG|| V.E. Schwab

    I remember when I was still toying around with the idea of book tube, bookstagram and a book blog, the Monsters of Verity Duology was all over the place, as in literally everywhere. Yet still I managed to avoid the spoilers. Did I know I’d read this one day, maybe, perhaps, who knows? Ok enough about that. This Savage Song follows the lives of human Kate Harker and monster August Flynn. Verity is a city in which the most gruesome acts by human beings leave monsters in their wake. If you ask me, Verity may be synonymous to planet earth. That’s if you are asking. This book is broken up…

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    COLLECTION|| My classics

    It’s not a big collection by any means, and some books are not even featured on here because on the day of this shoot I was ducking and diving my kids. Welcome to my life. I do think that we very often find classics intimidating. I for one have attempted to read a few from this collection – however it would be a lie to say I finished even five. So I challenged myself this year (somebody had to) and I am up for it! Keep an eye on the channel. However, before then, here’s what I could be reading.

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    BECOMING|| Michelle Obama

    I think it’s safe to say that this is one of those Autobiographies that will be raved about for a VERY VERY long time. Just when you thought the first black POTUS was all that and a bag of crisps came the first black FLOTUS! Good grief I wasn’t ready! Yeman!!!! wow! Michelle Obama is a dream. She is a brilliant story teller and she lived an enchanted life. If her book is anything to go by, which it will be for many of us the world over, then she was blessed with a reasoning ability way above her young years which she harnessed throughout the years. I do think…

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    FEBRUARY|| Wrap Up and Currently Reading

    HA! Not so late this month…okay maybe just a little, but still, I tried man. I read two more books last month. So 4 of 20 done and dusted. Here they are: 3. BecomingBy Michelle Obama This book is very dear to me. It woke me up to the power of my own life story, and for that alone it will forever live within me. I share my thoughts in the video below. Michelle Obama, as if she couldn’t be more superhuman, did an amazing job with the writing and the structuring of her Becoming.4/5 stars 4. This Savage SongBy V.E. Schwab This Savage Song came highly recommended on Bookstagram…