Category: Atelier

  • Dead But Breathing

    Dead But Breathing

    By Vuvu Vena Sarah don’t live here no more I lost her on the road from teenager to 20 something She kept giving herself to every man that Looked her way And eventually depleted her reservoir Sarah don’t live here no moreBut I remember how she was Before she up and left In her prime […]

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  • Whore


    By Vuvu Vena I was a whore for a love I never got Open legs Some would believe that my heart is situated Between my thighs I let you lay me on lay-by And on your side of the bed all I heard Were snores and sweet nothings On the floor, dirty drawers and sweaty […]

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  • Another Woman’s Treasure

    Another Woman’s Treasure

    By Vuvu Vena It’s not that you are perfect But because I taught him how to love It’s not that he’s selfless But it’s because that nigga under your arm Had to break this girl In order to learn how to give Go ahead and act like you’ve won Something finally worth celebrating But don’t […]

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