Another Woman’s Treasure

By Vuvu Vena

It’s not that you are perfect
But because I taught him how to love
It’s not that he’s selfless
But it’s because that nigga under your arm
Had to break this girl
In order to learn how to give

Go ahead and act  like you’ve won
Something finally worth celebrating
But don’t you dare sit there
For a minute and think that diamond
Landed on your lap sparkling
Because it came out of the ground that way

My sweat
My toil
My labour
And my broken heart
Have given to you
Everything I was begging for
But just could never get
Go ahead and shout it on
The roof tops
Not all guys are the same
But complete that sentence
By saying
The true ones
The real ones
The ones worth your time
And your forever
Had to break a real woman’s heart
Before they could land in your hands
My blood
My toil

Go ahead and enjoy
Hopefully you’ve paid your dues
And broken your heart
For another woman’s treasure!

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