Just As I Am || By Cicely Tyson

Year of Publication:2021
Disclaimer:This book was sent to me by Jonathan Ball Publishers for review purposes.

Oh Ms Cicely!

What a life. I absolutely enjoyed this autobiography – even more so because I accompanied it with the audio version which is narrated by Ms Cicely herself. It felt like sitting at the feet of my grandmother and being spellbound by what an incredible life she lived.

At the core of Ms Cicely’s life message, I think, is the unmistakable call to live from a place of love. Her life was filled with a great love for people and it is from this place that she navigated it with great empathy and compassion and I believe that is how all the blessings kept falling on her lap. She loved others and she loved herself.

I’m also struck by her level of self-awareness pretty early on in her life. She is probably the epitome of confidence and certainty. You could not tell her about her. She was her own person, belonging to herself first, and then navigating life from that place.

Another take away for me is that we truly never know. One small decision can change the trajectory of our lives forever. We need to keep living in the space where we believe there is better out there for us, even if we don’t know how or when to attain it. Trusting that it is on the way and will one day find us is enough to set the wheels of destiny on their way.

I’ll admit, I knew very little the woman before this book and now I feel I’ve found a treasure. What a beautiful and beauty-filled life it was!