The Atlas Paradox || By Olivie Blake

Year of Publication:2022
Disclaimer:This book was sent to me by Wordsworth Books for review purposes.

Well excuse me Ms Olivie Blake ma’m! Ma’m!? Let me just say off the bat that I’m utterly, devastatingly shattered that book 3 is only coming out in January 2024. I wept.

Let’s chat about The Atlas Paradox, book 2 in The Atlas Six trilogy! Little Miss Ma’m (if you’re new on here you’ll soon note that authors that I’m smitten by create a sense of familiarity within me. Because, first of all we must be friends for you to create such phenomenal work for my enjoyment, honestly, I will give you a nickname of my choosing bestie!)

In The Atlas Paradox we pick up (for lack of better phrasing) where we left off. Ezra (the 2 faced, naïve ex as I’ve come to name him) is baking what he believes to be the master plan. Atlas (sooo misunderstood, poor thing) is baking (or so it seems) what he too believes to be the master plan. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have the unassuming Dalton, baking something no one would ever suspect him capable of. One’s plan is villainous … or is that two, and the other’s utterly heroic. But, seemingly, as it always is with magical tales, there’s more to ‘life’ than meets the eye.

Olivie, AKA Little Miss Ma’m, takes us on a time travel, possibility of a parallel universe, heart wrenching tale of discovery for each and every single one of our characters, namely the six gifted students; Libby Rhodes (Physicist), Nico de Varona (Physicist), Parisa Kamali (Telepath), Reina Mori (Naturalist), Callum Nova (Empath), and Tristan Caine (not yet clear). Shall I add that none of them are anything like we met them when Atlas Blakely (Caretaker) propositioned each to become members of the renowned Alexandrian Society. Six were chosen, but only five were meant to be initiated into the society. Oooops!

This group of six, however, seems deadset to write it’s own history. Perhaps becoming the second only cohort to have ever gone against the grain.

In this second instalment we come to learn of Tristan’s gift as he himself does. That journey alone is surreal and so noteworthy. We truly are the sum total of our past and present influences.

This story is speckled with the right amount of mystery, magic and intrigue. It’s also splashed with equal dose of self loathing and self acceptance from each of the characters we hear from. Olivie introduces us to new, very instrumental characters that shape and shift the story into the magic that it truly is.

At it’s core, however, this second book continues the commentary on wealth, morality, right from wrong, power and purpose. Destiny is indeed a choice, and the paradox of the thing lies in having all the power and no power at all, or is it in being the power yet being absolutely powerless all at once…whichever of the two it might be, Little Miss Ma’m serves it steaming hot, causing us all to reflect on our own morals, choices and righteousness.

Olivie Blake displays a great talent in the narrative of ‘everything is not always as it seems’, the more we learn the less we like our prior protagonists and the more compassion we have available for our antagonists. The emotions that well up in the reader are so complex and concise in showcasing the duality of both living and fictional beings.

How Olivie chooses to end this second instalment is what left my jaw on the floor. If I’m being honest, book three may or may not assist me to sweep it off. My brain is forever in awe, I am without a doubt, a fan. Because, first of all, how? And secondly, how dare she!? And lastly, she pulled it all the way off! What???!!!!