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    This woman! Where do I start and how do I even start. I’ve read all her books (at least all those I know about) save for her collection of short stories called – The Thing Around Your Neck, which I do plan to getting around to by this year if you care to know. Also if you still care then I’m still very heartsore for missing her appearance at the Abantu Book Festival in Johannesburg last year. My heart is scraping the floor. But if you want to know why I love her so, watch the video below:

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    HALF OF A YELLOW SUN|| Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    The world was silent when we died … the title of the book within this book encapsulates the message of Adichie’s story. If I’m honest, the idea of war has always been as real as what I’ve seen on tv. Nothing quite as heart pulling and soul wrenching as this story. That’s the power of fiction I wish many experienced. The next time I read, watch or listen the news about a war torn country I will remember these characters and each of their stories and my empathy will be amplified. It is vital that we tell our stories. If only just for this. Half of a Yellow Sun follows…