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    It’s not a big collection by any means, and some books are not even featured on here because on the day of this shoot I was ducking and diving my kids. Welcome to my life. I do think that we very often find classics intimidating. I for one have attempted to read a few from this collection – however it would be a lie to say I finished even five. So I challenged myself this year (somebody had to) and I am up for it! Keep an eye on the channel. However, before then, here’s what I could be reading.

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    Set in two cities, London and Pakistan, this book follows the life of quirky-author Sofia Khan who has just gotten married to her London-neighbour, Conall,  after a very brief courtship. At first glance that seems pretty simplistic for a love story. However Malik adds humour, wit and other heavy elements when she reveals the dynamics of this couple. Khan is an orthordox Muslim with deep London roots and Conall is an Irish man in search of forgiveness. She is a virgin before she gets married, in keeping with her religion. After a bout of failed dates with Muslim men she writes them off as love prospects. However in order to…

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    BOOKS AND I || IG @vuvuvena_reads

    I remember reading as far back as the Noddy books in pre-primary school. I was not a socially awkward child (or at least I don’t recall that part of my life). I always made friends wherever I went. My siblings however have always been more extroverted than I and as such, in keeping with what introverts often do. I kept to myself. My mom must have noticed as early as then that I loved my own company. She was a history lecturer at a teaching college in Mthatha at the time and one day she took me to work with her. I guess at some point she needed me to be out…