All the books I read in October

All the books I read in October

I actually don’t remember when last I featured a wrap-up on here, and I call myself a book blogger … I shall accept NO judgement, thank you.

September was one of those months that come along only just to shame you. I never expected it, any of it. I mean, I was even brave enough to share my TBR, and you guys know that this is not something I do often…probably never to be done again because somehow this is jinxed. I will accept no other version of the truth. Every time I sit and stare at my TBR, make an effort to select books for a specific month, share it with the world, I suffer. Pain and suffering. Case in point, I finished NO books in September. Zero.

So when I say NEVER again, I mean it, at least 90%, I can’t predict what the other 10% may decide midway through 2022.

But I digress, lol it’s October we are here about. I tried to redeem myself, somewhat. Here are all the books I read in October. It’s all YA, for those who are wondering, one romance, one fantasy and all enjoyed.

Have you read any of these?



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