Vuvu Vena Reads Bookclub 2021

Vuvu Vena Reads Bookclub 2021

After careful consideration, and understanding what the Bookclub’s soul intentions (to get more people reading – not necessarily a lot of books, but cultivating their reading habits) I decided to downscale (to an extent) how we read on the bookclub.

For 2021 I decided to stick to 6 books instead of 12. What this does is it allows more time for those readers who do not necessarily read fast to enjoy literature at their own leisure without any pressure. So this year our book selections run over 2 months.

Another change this year is that I’m curating the books myself. The voting system worked until it didn’t work because of the nature of this bookclub, which permits people to engage when they feel like it instead of every single month or with every single book. So due to this, the voting system stopped working and I have taken to wearing the hat that selects the books. LOL, I’m having fun so far, I’m pretty sure it will stay that way.

That’s that on that 😌

Do join the book club (Vuvu Vena Reads (online) Bookclub) and let’s read together 😘

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