Best Reading Year

Best Reading Year

2020 has to have been my best reading year in as far back as I care to remember. I didn’t only read more books than I ever have, I enjoyed about 80% of them. Like extremely enjoyed – I was blown away.

A lot of the books I consumed in 2020 were from the African continent and the diaspora. This was a conscious decision on my part, and I’m better for it. While I pride myself in the diversity of my reading pallet, I’m also aware of my shortfalls. African Literature was definitely one of those that I’d been neglecting for far too long.

To assist in surpassing my goal of 30 books in 2020 was the buddy reading and digital bookclubs I was part of. One of them was the Vuvu Vena Reads Bookclub that exists over on Facebook. The commitment and accountability to these clubs and individuals also helped me to meet my reading goals this year, this is definitely one of the strategies I will take forward with me.

Also being open to other people’s suggestions and exploring worlds, authors and countries I may never have explored on my own really made a difference. As you can see, we’ve come a long way from 2017 and literally doubled our reading goal of 2019. 2021 better not fumble our gains!


I hope you had an awesome reading year in 2020. To many more turned pages this year.




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