The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home|| Grace Paul

The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home|| Grace Paul

Okay, I’ll admit right from the start that this would have been a handy guide at the beginning of the pandemic, right now most of us have already learned ways to navigate our new normal. I know. But still.

Something can be said about Grace’s quick and easy read. For many, employers and employees, there was a time when working from home seemed the most daunting possibility ever. Mainly, on the part of employers, I reckon it was a fear of not being able to ensure employees were clocking in the required amount of working hours. But let’s be honest, that’s not the most appropriate measure of output. Being at work for 8 hours does not guarantee 8 hours of productivity.

What I loved about Grace’s guide is that it tackled such matters and backed them up with research. Going into the future, flexibility is definitely going to be the new normal, the whole world has been put on trial for this this year and quite evidently it is clear that most working individuals can self-manage and produce from the comfort of their homes eliminating commuting stress among other inconveniences of being at a place of work.

How Grace lays out her case and just the simplicity of her affirming approach and tone makes this book a gem. I love how wholistic it is and how she’s managed to consider the working parent as well as the single person working from a shared residence. She’s truly covered most of the basis which makes this one easy to recommend, even though you’re not likely to spot anything you didn’t know, it helps to see it written down.

The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home is a useful checklist for both the self-employed and the employed, as well as the employer – more especially those navigating the ‘work from home’ set up for the very first time, or those who have decided to try their hand at freelancing or becoming their own boss. 



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