I never want you to miss out on anything Vuvu Vena Reads related. So, in case you missed the invitation and talk on social, then fear not, I’m here to keep you in the know.

Vuvu Vena Reads is doing some amazing things this year and everyone is invited to join in on the fun!

This week we will be launching our first ever newsletter. Make sure you are on the list. To subscribe, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the blog or drop us your email address here (link). The newsletter is a way to bring you even more value from the brand, exclusive content, giveaways and so much more. You won’t want to miss this. 

At the start of the month we launched our podcast, Turning Pages with Vuvu Vena, and boy has it been a blast. The Turning Pages page on this blog has all the details you need to subscribe. A new podcast goes up every Tuesday and it’s rich with mainly South African literature. Turning Pages is a platform that celebrates black literature from the African diaspora with a huge focus on the African continent and most especially South Africa. If you are curious about South African and other African writers and their works, then this is the platform for you. Find us on all reputable podcast platforms, or simply click on the podcast page and follow the subscription instructions.

We are still active on IGTV, follow @vuvuvena_reads to get a dose of our weekly videos. IGTV is mainly used for hauls, desk drops and series reviews. If you are a series junkie, or are curious what publishers are bringing out, especially in the world of Young Adult fiction, then the Vuvu Vena Reads IGTV platform is the place to be.

Follow us on Facebook, our page, Vuvu Vena Reads, is the one-stop-shop for all things Vuvu Vena Reads. If you’ve missed it anywhere else you will definitely find it here. Plus, most Fridays, we will be sharing our Friday reads with some weekend check ins and random readathons from time to time. This is also the place where we encourage the most conversation. Do drop by, press the like button and let’s chat.

We are Vuvu Vena Reads on Booktube. Our channel stays the same, here you get to know Vuvu Vena a bit more with tags, reviews, discussions, and so many other bookish things. All video content across the Vuvu Vena Reads platforms finds its home here. Be sure to subscribe to our Booktube channel, new videos go up every Wednesday.

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