Hello 2020

Hello 2020

We made it! Can you guys imagine? Remember what they told us about the new millennium. Without giving away my age, I was old enough when the clock struck midnight and we waved goodbye to the 90s. Old enough but not so old as to have even known what it all meant.

Years on, I have reflected on that moment, outside my parent’s house with neighbours, family, rejoicing to the fanfare of a new year, new millennium, new decade. Also the fact that I was 14 when this happened probably adds to all the confusion around all the things they said Y2K would be and do.

Now 20 years on from that memory. Who would have thunk to think? I mean guys! Surely none of us imagined what our lives would become 20 years on. I’m glad to have lived through it though. Truly, the past two decades have been a wonder. The last decade more especially. I’ll be the first to say I remember 2010 so crystal clear, I could swear it was just the other day. The last decade was a strange mix of sorrow and joy.

This is also why 2020 is such a special year. Back when I was no one’s mom I had huge dreams for the year 2020. Massive dreams. Though I’ve let go of some and some have morphed over the years, I’ve still held true to the magic of this year and the beauty it has in store and I’m so thrilled to be here! 

Forgive my blabbing, but y’all gotta tell me you feel this too!? There’s truly something magical about the year ahead.

Okay, back to bookish things, I mean, before I get carried away. 

I know I’m rather late to the party. If you could see a reel of the start of my year you’d honestly get it, but I’d rather not bore you. This year I have set myself a reading goal of 30 books. Ten more than last year. Can I do it? Am I setting myself up? Well, only time will tell.

What’s your reading goal for the year? How far are you with that?

And in case you didn’t hear me say it. May the year ahead be filled with beautiful moments in every area of your life!



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