COLLECTION|| My Shakespeare Books

COLLECTION|| My Shakespeare Books

Shall I compare thee … LOL! Why is this the one line that keeps coming up whenever I think of William. Oh yeah, we are on a first name basis like that! Haaaa!!! I wish.

But honestly, Shakespeare I deem to be the father of literature. Yes, yes, he isn’t the only great wordsmith that ever lived, but his work did a lot man, while he was alive and even in death. For that alone I do think he deserves GOAT status! He is phenomenal!

Be that as it may however … some of his work is really hard to get into. I will never forget my Grade 10 trauma that came in the form of The Tempest. Perhaps I should get myself a copy of that book, just to remind myself of my resilience and perseverance.

Anyway, herein is my meagre collection of Shakespeare.


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