If you watched my IGTV Review you will know that I had a longing for a romance to be explored in this sequel … well, hopefully you’ve followed my Instagram Account to find my review of OUR Dark Duet.

I have come to conclude that Schwab is a scene setter – she cannot help it, she MUST place you in a certain position before she can take you on the journey – and such is the case in this book as well. However, in hindsight I’ve found myself wondering if all that scene setting at the start served any purpose at all – no really. I want to say I don’t think so, but perhaps it just all went over my head.

However, as with the last book, when the story begins BOY does it begin.

We find Kate in Prosperity (another city) and August in Verity. It’s post the revolt and the monsters have run rampant in Verity and Prosperity has begun experiencing monsters of its own.

Kate is a badass modern day Buffy – hunting down monsters is her forte. She’s part of a secret club of monster hunters – except she’s the only hunter, until one day she comes across a new and potentially wicked monster which seems headed for Verity.

Of course she follows it – for a number of reasons, not just because she’s Kate. In Verity Kate discovers things about herself she didn’t know. She also finds a different August, one who has been forced to lead amidst devastating times. One so unlike the one she left behind.

Schwab has definitely crammed a lot into this second book – and it all seems to happen at once and it never slows down.

That said however, Our Dark Duet emphasises the initial premise – there are always monsters ready to form when humans constantly err with impunity. Always. Once again we are being called to check ourselves. Who are you? What are you creating?

A lot of this second book dwells on the new monster – it is worse than anything we’ve been introduced to yet.

I will say this though. The ending really broke my heart.


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