BECOMING|| Michelle Obama

BECOMING|| Michelle Obama

I think it’s safe to say that this is one of those Autobiographies that will be raved about for a VERY VERY long time. Just when you thought the first black POTUS was all that and a bag of crisps came the first black FLOTUS! Good grief I wasn’t ready! Yeman!!!! wow!

Michelle Obama is a dream. She is a brilliant story teller and she lived an enchanted life. If her book is anything to go by, which it will be for many of us the world over, then she was blessed with a reasoning ability way above her young years which she harnessed throughout the years. I do think it is this wisdom – perhaps owed to the era and the family she grew up in – that paved her path.

Politics was never her mission – but it was always in her DNA to change the world and she has done good with what she had and where she was placed. Here are my thoughts on the book on an earlier video on my channel.

The power of Becoming is in its ability to cause its reader to delve deep into their own story and introspect. To put their name and picture on the cover of this book and actually wonder what it is they are becoming. This for me is the power that will forever remain whenever I think on this specific book and it was well worth the trip. It met every promise it held.

Knowing that every event of my own life is coming together to form something grand and beautiful in the end is a hope worth visiting over and again. I am becoming, in every minute of every day, and so are you.


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