TWO DARK REIGNS|| Kendare Blake

TWO DARK REIGNS|| Kendare Blake

The mist has always held some level of mystery in the Three Dark Crowns series. It’s as though Kendare brought us up to have a sense of awe about it. So once it is laid bare in front of us, we do not merely feel privy to the knowledge but we are also enthralled by its true existence. With that come plenty other questions I only wish will be answered in the fourth book. 

The third book in the series ends with a simple ‘To Be Continued’ which is how I am certain book four is underway or actually already completed. Maybe this year then? 


Kendare is the master of cliff hangers. I think I’ve said that with every book in this series. She leaves you wondering and yearning to know more. This one thing she has gotten absolutely right. She’s a teaser and a great creator of suspense. Add to that her ability to design and navigate her created world. The map is a great addition but I didn’t refer to it at all in this installation in the series and I could still imagine the mainland and Fennbirn with ease. Perhaps I owe that to the other two books (though I think not, there was new territory explored in this book that was merely mentioned in the other books).

We are still following the triplets but we get a glimpse into a queen of another time, the Blue Queen to be more specific, she that created the mist that keeps the island both mythical and captivating. The mist keeps those who may not enter the island out and those who may not leave it in.

The third book in this series is an unraveling of the existence of the mist, a glimpse of the mainland and a telling of the power of the island to trace down, lure back and perhaps even keep that which belongs to it.

However, at the centre of it all is a tale of rebellion. From the start I have felt that Kendare’s story is a provocation to the status quo. Who says things should be as they are? Dare to create your own way! Rise against uniformity, the rule makers, the conformists. Question reality and provide solutions to that which peeves you . Always be willing to provide a new way no matter how uncertain you may be. When faced with adversity, injustice or just plain out inequity dare to rise against it and let the rest figure itself out. For me this third book speaks to just that.

A war is brewing on the island. An unlikely ‘heir’ (is she really, I want so badly to believe it. I need answers damnit!) is raised to take over the throne, a coup seems underway. How this story of the possibility of a new day, a new order, a fresh start for the island currently under strain in Katherine’s rule, is told, how it unravels has the markings of a great story teller smeared all over it. Kendare has done well with this third book, I say that because I’m still interested in what happens next. These days I find that’s a hard thing for any series to ask of its audience after book two.

I am however yet to be as captivated as I was with the initial book in the series. None of the two other books compare. BUT, the story has not lost its bite and I’m still here for my faves, Jules, Billy, Arsinoe okay and maybe even Mirabella though if the last page of this book is anything to go by I think her specifically a stupid, idiotic, fool if anyone can be all three.


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