ONE DARK THRONE|| Kendare Blake

ONE DARK THRONE|| Kendare Blake

This is the sequel to Three Dark Crowns and therefore cannot be read or reviewed in isolation. In this sequel, the real games begin.

At the end of Three Dark Crowns we were left with a breathtaking cliff hanger and all sorts of questions unanswered. So, the sequel was a definite must.

The triplets are still scrambling for the crown, and though we thought we had lost one, it turns out we thought wrong, and what is about to ensue is a twisted story of the need for family and the hunger for power.

Blake adds dimensions to her world that we didn’t particularly expect. We finally also learn if the dead triplets from generations past have absolutely no power at all or if maybe, just maybe, they do. We also get to visit where the triplets were born and therein lies another twist! Listen, the suspense is beautifully crafted.

One Dark Throne is a revelation and a mess all at once. I mean! Wow. And I still haven’t bought the third book in the series which came out in September.

The power struggle in this second installment is fascinating. We finally see what people would actually do for power. Weakness is redefined while loyalty and conviction are strengthened.

Blake has made her characters so relatable, and it is easy to map out their growth throughout the story. Character development is so important to my reading experience. For me it is among the most powerful weapons in the suspension of disbelief. I have to believe your characters. I need to cling to them. And Blake doesn’t disappoint.

We have in the previous review established the beauty of Blake’s plot and setting as well as the POV (point of view of the story). If not on the blog then on my channel – video linked below.

One Dark Throne is not as action packed as the first book. Blake used too many pages to say very little. I think perhaps this was a scene setter for the third book, this is more apparent due to how the second book ends. It is yet another cliff hanger, another heart wrenching ending and one wants to know what happens next. This is not the end, not by a long shot. Because of this I’m intrigued to see what comes next. Especially since we get to see the inland or mainland, where Billy is from. At least this is my hope. And obviously the question of how you keep a secret island secret has to come through. Has to!








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