Ok so if you watched my entire TBR video you will have heard the secret in the middle. If not, don’t worry I got you (link below).

I can’t pin point the exact year Harry Potter found me. I say found me because most great things are never true discoveries we make, they cross our paths by chance. They cross our paths, we don’t cross theirs. So whatever year it was, definitely in my 20s though (a suitable age for Young Adult Fantasy some may think, well this 30-something year old is still grinding with the YA…what? Ok ok, stop the nonsense), it was literally a book that changed my life.

Two very simple things were immediately realised, everyone has a Harry and the Dursley’s story, something unfair has happened to us and has scarred us for life, we are all going through something. The second thing was, it is those of us who have been hugely burdened with pain that possess the greatest magic.

SAY WHAT??!! Ok let me say that again, slowly.

It is those of us who have been hugely burdened with pain that possess the greatest magic.

Since reading the first book I knew I had to live a life in which my magic was unleashed. I may not be able to practice my magic in all spheres of my life, but I have to surround myself with people that vibrate on the same frequency as me if the magic will be drawn out of me.

Listen if you’ve read Harry Potter you will know that it’s one obstacle after another with that guy, yet his biggest enemy keeps trying to kill him, and basically ayenzenki chap, he fails, but not without some impact. We will always have a giant enemy, and at times that enemy lives more within than externally, use your magic to slay the crap out of your Voldermots. They will come back in different disguises and as long as your magic remains authentic and you have a few great magical beings in your corner, they never win.

I’ve just nutshelled Harry Potter even though I told you that thing I mentioned at the start of this post. You can only hear it in the video, I cannot repeat it.

One last thing I loved about this book was, though the enemy keeps morphing, the people in our corner will die, naturally or through drifting apart. However when they are no longer frequent physical aspects of our lives, they still form part of the tapestry that not only awakened our magic but helped us become who we are today.

This series is definitely one I will pass on to my children [also because I want to buy myself the hard cover versions – and also because I love my kids. The latter.]. As a parent you can also teach and show your children so much about life. Real learning comes from living and the thing with fiction is that though we have one life, we get to live a million other lives in the pages of books. I’m so glad this series found me.


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