I don’t know about you but all my dreams are ultimate. So I hope you don’t find this misleading in anyway. Perhaps it will become clearer as I explain. That said I think each person is allowed a few hundred ultimate dreams and goals in their lifetimes. Those things that say to them ‘I have arrived’.

For me, for today’s post, I will have arrived when I read all the books I own. You guys would get sick of me telling you and whoever cares to listen that in fact I have read cover to cover of my 200+ and ever growing collection. Imagine that. Someone pulling out a random book from my shelf and me spewing the details, plot, setting, characters, style, and review like it was nothing but a thing. Ultimate dream. Like wow. When I get to this point y o u.  c a n ‘ t. t e l l.  m e.  n o t h I n g. NOTHING!

But as any true bibliophile we understand, on the one side we are tackling our unread books and on the other we are buying more books. Don’t ask about the logic in this. It’s offensive. It’s rude. Don’t do it! Just accept that all bookish people have this inclination. That said, I’m always open to a bookstore voucher. It’s the ultimate love gift. Yes you heard it here first. Lol.

It has been my mission since I intentionally set out to build my book collection in varsity, to read every book I own. Let’s see. That’s over a decade ago…

This year though I set out on a stock taking mission separating books I’d read and hadn’t read. I included the books I didn’t complete or knew I’d read but didn’t really remember synopsis off the top of my head in the unread pile. Check out my video of all the unread books I own below.

At least now I know what needs tackling and the road ahead is so exciting. Yes, well I bought two more books this month, however I’ve read one of them and I’m well into the second one already so take that. Lol.

Taking stock of my unread books got me excited though. Weirdly I’m rather psyched about non-fiction November. Going into the bookish community I didn’t think I’d participate in this segment of booktube things. But after doing a recon I cannot resist! Plus, I have a few series that are screaming my name here, fun times lie ahead, find out for yourself. Hopefully you find something that’s of interest for you in here.

As always I’m on a value-add mission and with every post I hope I’ve given you yet another reason to read. Please let me know which of the books in this video you think I should grab first in the comment below. Like and share this blog post.

Until next time, why live a dull life when there are so many adventures trapped in the pages of books?



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