Finding the bookish community on Instagram, then YouTube and then some blogs was by far my greatest discovery last year. I know I know have I been living under a rock? Either way I’m so glad it happened. However as with most things new, especially communities, there are words that were used that I literally had to pull out my phone to Google as I had not heard them used in this context before. Here are some that will benefit any bookish newbies out there. Thank me later 😉


This is a simple abbreviation for To Be Read. This usually refers to the pile of books you intend to read, or even the pile of unread books you own. BookTubers and some great Bookstagram accounts usually share their monthly TBRs. Of course part of the fun in this is seeing whether or not you complete the books you set out to read, some super human readers often have an amazing pile of books they mean to read and they end up reading those and surprisingly a few more. At times this is easily achievable for those who mix hard copy books with audio books. I have not bought into the idea of audio books just yet. Can you actually say you’ve read a book you listened to? This is my current internal struggle with that, but I digress.


A wrap up refers to the number of books completed during at a given time. These could be the books from a TBR pile or just books one completed that week or month. Wrap Ups in their nature include reader’s brief thoughts on those books and a short spoiler-free synopsis on what the book was about. This is not a full-blown review, just an overview and some thoughts on the books.


Tropes or a trope are common or overused themes. These can be picked up in a single authors collection of books, or even in a genre where all the others use the same concepts so much they either become clichéd for that genre, common or overused. For readers who binge on specific genres or authors these soon become very easy to pick up and can annoy or actually become the reasons why you find yourself reaching for certain types of books.


DNF is an abbreviation of ‘Did Not Finish’. There is great pressure for people who have publically declared their love for books to finish books. I’ve seen it a t play, and I’m one of the culprits. It takes a lot for me not to finish a book. I’m now learning that not every book I pick up will have appeal to me, will be well written in my view or will have a story I want to read. Such books then naturally become DNF’d. Sometimes, as with most things life, we open books in the wrong season in our lives. So not all DNF’d books stay uncompleted. Readers often pick them up again, and at a different time they are worthy companions.


Boosktagram simply speaks to the book lover’s community on Instagram. Those active on boostagram will tend to post gorgeous pictures of books, share amazing quotes from books, let us know what they are currently reading, do mini wrap ups and recommendations. Some will even do short crisp reviews on this platform. I dare you to search the hashtag bookstagram on Instagram and you will see the most beautiful pictures ever.


This is the YouTube equivalent of Bookstagram. However much more is shared on this platform, such as reading vlogs, shopping for books, and more fun content.

I am active on Bookstagram as @vuvuvena_reads and on YouTube my channel is Vuvu Vena Reads. Do pop by and show me some love.


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