MAY|| Wrap Up

MAY|| Wrap Up

It became pretty clear to me in the first week of May that I had been over zealous and quite ambitious with my May TBR. If my life was set up another way perhaps I could’ve managed, but being full time employed, working on my Master’s research and a ‘single mom’ with seldom any weekends to herself, I played myself. I played myself strong. But it didn’t hurt really. All I’ve done is shifted to June the books I didn’t get to in May. Easy peasy. Now I know better though so hopefully (no guarantees here) I will do better.

I only got through two books in May, and well maybe the first few pages of a third book, but what good is that right?

Let’s get into these… full reviews to follow on the blog.



Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I loved loved loved this book. It’s such an easy read, reading it was everything I required to get over my slump. Blake has created a captivating enchanted world and wrapped it in one of those intriguing plots that leave you wanting more. She has imagined such vivid characters and given them so much life, so much heart it was a wonderful experience getting to know them, what makes them tick and what they believe in. I really enjoyed this story.

One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

I will be quick to say I did not enjoy this book as much as the first. I do not want to lie. However I was still trapped in the story and still cared very deeply about a majority of the characters. New characters and new twists and some story development did transpire, but it was nothing like the first book. Blake however has a way of ending her books that leave you yearning for the next, I do understand that the third instalment is coming out in September, I am so ready! Lol.

I am pretty happy with the amount of reading I did this month, it’s more than I have done in a while. The choice of books couldn’t have been any better. Though not completely blown away, I’d definitely recommend them to someone else. I even spent over an hour telling my little sister what transpires in the first quarter of book one because I didn’t want her to miss a thing, before realising that the amount of detail I shared would not be sustainable to give her a picture of the whole book in the time we had. Lol I think she may still be mad at me for that. Both these are Young Adult Fantasy books.




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