Children’s books have always been as good as the lessons they hold. Hooray! Thoko follows the life lessons of a little girl (Thoko) who lives with her mother and grandmother. The book holds four concise stories packed with lessons from honesty, hard work, sacrifice, hope, reward, dreaming, and friendship, to serious issues such as animal cruelty and how to handle disappointment. All these lessons, jam packed in a 76 page book, are ones any parent will have to teach their child a few times in their lives. The joy of books such as Hooray! Thoko lies in always having a story to accompany the lesson.
The book is illustrated which is a major winner for story time. Daly does so much with this book that ticks so many boxes and one of the major boxes for black parents is finding literature that shows our children to themselves. The main characters in this book are black and Thoko is a beautiful girl with kinks and coils and the author is constantly showing her in a positive light. This was a major aspect for me, that through this character my children can see goodness as being inherent within them or those like them. It definitely has a special place in my children’s growing bookshelf.

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